Vantage is a biblically-based programme providing the tools and support needed to break free from compulsive pornography use and experience lasting change. Access the  Vantage programme as part of a group or individually.

Statistics: The reality

These statistics highlight the pervasive nature of internet pornography usage and its widespread impact on individuals. These underscore the urgency of addressing this issue through education and resources.

of internet downloads are explicit and related to pornography.
Source: "Internet Pornography Statistics"
of young adults actively seek out pornography weekly or more.
Source: "The Porn Phenomenon: The Impact of Pornography in the Digital Age." 
of men between 18-30 years old watch p*rn on a monthly basis
Source: " Pornography Consumption, Modality and Function in a Large Internet Sample" 
of churches offer resources & support for pornography use
Source: The Healing Church

The Vantage Programme

Vantage is a comprehensive recovery programme designed to help individuals break free from problematic pornography use and embark on a journey toward a life of freedom and purpose.

Comprehensive recovery

Vantage covers key areas including the individual and relational impact of pornography use. It resolves increasing self-awareness with strategies to implement and sustain in overcoming pornography use.

Evidence-based and

The programme combines modern research with biblical principles, offering a scientifically sound and spiritually enriching recovery approach.

Accessible for individuals
and facilitators

Vantage is preferably processed in groups, with structured, facilitator-led sessions and accountability, but is also available through digital access
for individuals.
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Ways to access Vantage

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Individual Access

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Facilitator  Access

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Who is Vantage for?

Those who desire change

Individuals may have a genuine wish to stop using pornography but, despite their best efforts, often feel stuck in a cycle from which they cannot exit. Vantage provides the tools and support necessary to help propel them forward.

Those who seek personal freedom

They recognize that pornography is impacting their life negatively, and are ready to take steps towards healing and wholeness. Vantage offers a structured, evidence-based approach to help individuals achieve personal freedom and a healthier lifestyle.

Those who want long-term, sustainable solutions

The Vantage programme focuses on providing lasting change rather than quick and temporary fixes. This change is achieved through rewiring thought patterns and addressing some of the root causes of addictive behaviours.

Benefits of Vantage

Experience the transformative power of Vantage, designed to support individuals and elevate facilitators in overcoming challenges related to compulsive pornography use.


Use the roadmap provided to help you on your journey to overcome compulsive pornography use.
Get equipped with the tools and knowledge to deal with addictive behaviours comprehensively and systematically.
Enjoy the flexibility of working through Vantage using a self-paced approach.
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Churches and Organisations

Create a safe space supporting freedom from pornography use for your community
Use an evidence-based, best-practice approach to pornography recovery, while remaining aligned to biblical principles.
Take hold of tools to help facilitate individuals’ journeys to freedom from p*rn
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"The content was just wonderfully written. Super consistent, always relevant and helpful - all the footnotes with research were incredibly helpful."
"I enjoyed the compartmentalised components to some of the questions. It forced a deeper level of thinking around topics, in a clear, structured manner."
"I found the research from professionals and sources very helpful. The questions were also worded in a way that made me think deeper than the surface level."

Get started

Take the first step toward a life of freedom and purpose. Join the Vantage programme today and discover the tools, support, and community you need.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about Vantage? We've got answers.
Is the programme only for Christians?
While Vantage is biblically-oriented and aims to align completely with Scripture, the programme incorporates current research and can benefit anyone seeking freedom from problematic pornography use, regardless of their religious beliefs.
Can I go through the programme on my own?
Yes, individuals can purchase the Vantage modules directly. The programme, however, is most effective when done in a group setting where there is good accountability and support. Working through the programme with others is highly encouraged.
Who can benefit from the Vantage programme?
The Vantage programme is beneficial for anyone struggling with pornography addiction, regardless of their level of addiction. It is designed for individuals, small groups, and organizations or churches.
How can I get started with the Vantage programme?
To get started, choose if you would like to purchase it for yourself or run Vantage as a facilitator and simply follow the prompts above on this page.