Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaches help individuals to decide on the best actions  to achieve their envisioned future.

Training a group of people

Future focused, brilliant conversations

Where counselling often deals with the past in order to heal emotional pain, coaching helps guides current and future behaviour through challenging conversations and accountability.

Is recovery coaching for you?

Addiction Recovery

Once an individual has started the journey of addiction recovery and is attending recovery groups, they may choose to enter a contract with a Recovery Coach to enhance their recovery journey.

Supporters’ Recovery

The loved one of an individual in addiction can be helped in their own journey of recovery by committing to a number of coaching sessions in order to identify and implement actions to ensure their own wellness.

Specialist Recovery

Project Exodus offers specialist recovery coaching, for individuals in recovery and their significant others, in several areas, with a special interest in pornography, sex and/or toxic relationship addiction recovery.

“Recovery Coaching has been a vital part of my journey from addiction to living in a culture of recovery. I’ve been able to tackle things I never thought I could…”
- N. Mthembu
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Start your recovery coaching journey

Recovery Coaching equips  individuals by challenging and guiding their thought process in a positive direction towards healthy, life-affirming decisions.

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