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Project Exodus is a ground-breaking, territory-claiming, Christ-based initiative, striving to make expert, evidenced-based recovery interventions accessible and affordable across communities. We equip, empower and mentor a vast network of partners to establish their own recovery ministries, specialised programmes & therapeutic recovery groups for addiction and supporters’ recovery. We firmly believe that collaborative, co-operative partnerships are the only way to stem the surging tide of addiction in society.


True partners are establishments that are true to the journey that links them together. We have been blessed with a variety of partnerships headed by inventive individuals and capable teams that re-inforce the vision to set the captives free.

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Project Exodus has earned the respect and longevity as a leader in Addiction Recovery and sustainable support. The experience their team brings to the recovery process is invaluable and the results they have achieved to date are globally far-reaching.

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Let's create a culture of recovery.

We move from West to East.

Group Facilitation

Project Exodus Facilitators are well-trained individuals that promote productive, supportive interactions in recovery group settings. Facilitation is an excellent, meaningful way to grow personally and spiritually, to be of service in a recovery community and to contribute to the greater mission of Project Exodus.


Project Exodus is a ministry and Non-Profit Organisation. Donations keep the doors to the storehouse open to individuals and supporters who are affected by addiction and are in critical need of support. Monetary contributions, human resources and professional offerings are the driving force behind Project Exodus.

Business Integration

Project Exodus is passionate about building partnerships and believes co-operative strategies are invaluable. We welcome like-minded associates to assist us on our journey and set many more captives free.

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