Heart. Mission. Strategy.

No one gets left behind.

Welcome. You are now in a space of support, encouragement, empowerment, and hope. With decades of professional experience, Project Exodus is an innovative, ground-breaking strategy which addresses issues of substance dependence, compulsive disorders, and pornography addiction in brand new ways. Our team is made up of individuals with similar life experiences to yours. Five out of every six people that require addiction treatment never receive the help that they so desperately need. Our heart is to create a paradigm shift and radically change this status quo. No one should be left behind. The Project Exodus approach is to provide fresh, effective, affordable, and sustainable solutions for everyone impacted by the slavery of addiction. Our mission is to make expert recovery resources readily available for all individuals, families, organisations, churches, and communities who need them. Our objective/quest is to provide education, training, mentorship, and resources consistent with international best practice. Starting today, Project Exodus is your recovery partner.


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Conrad Cooper
Fearless venture and risk taking for the Kingdom of God.
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Richard Mun-Gavin
Nothing better than seeing people come to life, free from chaos!
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Karin Ussher
God is doing a new thing!
Isaiah 43:19
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Sade Lee
Jesus takes the broken parts of us and turns them into the best parts of us.
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Kerry Janse van Rensburg
The dominant images in our minds will determine our destination.
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Benjamin Owen
Living in the gift of freedom.
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You are being trained and prepared for purpose.
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Gareth Evans
Realignment and restoration into God's promise, provision and abundance.
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Tracey Evans
Fearless warrior for God's kingdom.
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Joshua Janse van Rensburg
Be strong and very courageous.
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Larischa France-Brotherton
You'll find God's grace, peace and recovery here.
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Chris Lee
God is real. Recovery is real.
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Stronger Together

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers. Project Exodus would not exist without you!