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Rebuilding Lives

The PEx Recovery House is a men’s Sober Living Home, where residents are provided with the space and support they need to develop a completely new lifestyle, rooted in recovery.
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The Recovery Journey

The recovery journey at PEx Recovery House involves a structured program of support and guidance to help residents maintain sobriety and achieve their long-term recovery goals.

24 hour on-site supervision

Supervision for the house residents is provided by the PEx house manager.

Exodus Recovery Skills

Residents complete a 16-week outpatient programme during their stay at the house.

Life Recovery Planning

An LRP is a dynamic and holistic personal document outlining one’s plan for recovery.


Residents have access to weekly one-on-one sessions with a certified recovery coach.


Residents are required to attend a minimum of two recovery groups per week.


Residents commit to uphold the values of the culture of recovery.


Residents appoint wise, experienced people to provide guidance in different areas of their life.

Accountability Structures

This includes regular testing and online accountability software for all residents.

House Features

Located in a convenient neighbourhood of Durban North, the PEx Recovery House offers comfortable and spacious bedrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, and modern bathrooms.
Comfortable Living Space
The house is situated in a quiet suburb with comfortable rooms and spacious lounges
TV and network services (fibre) are included in the PEx Recovery House fees.
The house has a pool with a wooden deck that overlooks the Durban coastline.
A fully equipped braai area is available. Braai evenings take place on a regular basis.
Residents have access to two washing machines and outdoor clotheslines.
Equipped Kitchen
The kitchen includes a pantry, fridge, freezer, stove, oven, toaster, kettle, and tableware.
Groceries available for all meals. Residents rotate on a roster for cooking dinner.
Space is available for seven cars to park off-street. Each resident receives a gate remote.
The House has given me the safety to talk about my struggles. It is a constant reminder of my circumstance whilst giving me freedom to engage with the outside world. The regularity and structure helps me to understand the ordinary aspect of life, the rhythms that are necessary and the conflicts, issues and joys that come with sharing a house with others.

The love they give us House residents is real, Godly love: Truth about the denial I was in, and the changes I needed to make - in my routine, and in my thinking and behavior; Grace for the mistakes that I inevitably made; Support when I faced tough choices/situations; Encouragement to look for challenges, to grow in new and creative ways; Humor, to remind me to laugh in spite of all that can get me down..

Rowan Powell

Former PEx Resident
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